In The Kitchen With Antonio

In The Kitchen With Antonio

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Antonio's Restaurant

Antonio's Restaurant has served for over thirty years the best Mexican cuisine in all of Los Angeles. Its specialties range from all parts of Mexico, giving it a unique quality all its own. There are dishes from Oaxaca , Guadalajara, and VeraCruz. Not to mention from the hometown where the owner Antonio himself hails from; Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

There is a special atmosphere as you walk in, you feel as if you are walking into a hacienda, then there is other rooms to have a large gathering or celebration. Every room has an individual style, even a large banquet room called "The Cathedral room", with murals of all the cathedrals in Mexico.

Antonio with his own tequila!

Antonio's History

Antonio has been continuing to bring the best Mexican gourmet cuisine, since opening in 1970. His efforts have kept him established as a pioneer in heading other restaurants to provide an interest in upgrading their menus this way. This has always been Antonio's dream, to open eyes to people to see that  Mexican food is not greasy or fatty, but one of the most healthiest ways to eat. That everything that goes into the meal, is good for you. His menu has stayed true to that for over thirty years, and continues to grow with more and more healthy recipes. The recipes he has been given from his mother, to his own creations shows his individuality, that is what makes Antonio's unique.

Antonio's Specialties

All of Antonio's dishes have a special quality, not to mention flavor. There are your typical tacos and enchiladas; but there are more exotic dishes such as "Chiles en Nogada", "Pollo en Mole", and many more. Antonio always is making sure that everything that goes into every dish is fresh and delicious. His dishes are always pleasing to the eye as well. Both those qualities make Antonio's a culinary experience you won't forget. Top it off with a special bottle of wine, or if you are daring enough, Antonio's special tequila reposado.

Antonio's Tequila

Antonio's has a wide range of tequilas and wines, as well as a wine room; called "The Bodega Room". You can have a special party in that room also, it can accommodate up to twenty people. There are outside dining tables as well if you prefer dining al fresco. There are strolling musicians that perform in every room including outside, so every seat is acceptable.

Antonio's Tequila List

If you desire to have your next event, remember Antonio's.  There are two banquet rooms as noted, and reservations are necessary to hold the room; also let Antonio make suggestions as to arrange a special menu for your event or party, you would not be disappointed.The place to be is Antonio's!

Antonio's Tequila List

Antonio's Restaurant



Antonio's Hours are:

Tuesdays - Fridays: 11a.m.-11p.m.

Saturdays: 12p.m.-11p.m.

Sundays: 12p.m.-10p.m.

Mondays: Closed

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7470 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 658-9060




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